We invite you to discover Bogotá, a city that shines 2.600 meters closer to the stars.

Explore the most prominent tourist spots in the capital of Colombia. Your journey begins here, at Plaza Suites!

Gold Museum

one of the most important museums in Latin America, boasting an impressive collection of pre-Columbian gold artworks.

Botero Museum

Housing the private collection of works by Fernando Botero, one of Colombia's most renowned artists.

The Candelaria

Bogotá's historic district with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, and a wide array of restaurants and bars.


A mountain providing panoramic views of the city and a church atop that's a pilgrimage site.

Zona T (Zona Rosa)

A city area celebrated for its nightlife, restaurants, and shops.

93 Park

an urban park surrounded by restaurants and bars, ideal for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.

Bogotá Botanical Garden

A beautiful place to explore Colombia's flora and fauna.

Plaza de Bolívar

The heart of Bogotá's historic center, home to the Primatial Cathedral of Colombia, the Palace of Justice, and the National Capitol.


A bohemian neighborhood brimming with craft shops, restaurants, and flea markets.

National Museum of Colombia

Colombia's oldest museum, offering a comprehensive insight into the country's history.

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

an astonishing religious site carved deep within a salt mine. This impressive underground wonder is a place where visitors can explore intricate tunnels and marvel at the beauty of salt-carved sculptures.

Colon theater

It stands as a prominent cultural symbol in the Colombian capital. Its majestic neoclassical architecture and exquisite decor create a stunning backdrop for artistic events that range from opera and ballet to concerts.