Plaza Suites is a modern and contemporary apartment suite building located in the northern part of Bogotá. It is perfect for business trips, relaxation, medical tourism, and extended stays. All of its spaces have been carefully thought out and designed to provide a peaceful, comfortable, and pleasant stay.


Plaza Suites is one of the hotels within the Hoteles Bogotá Plaza chain, a brand in continuous expansion with over a decade of experience in hotel operations. With a vast history spanning over 45 years in the hotel industry, they are renowned for their flagship hotel, Bogotá Plaza.


Their primary activity revolves around the operation of hotels and similar establishments nationwide, and they are known for delivering high-quality services that blend sophistication and innovation to offer a unique and personalized experience to all their guests.


Thanks to their experience and tradition, Hoteles Bogotá Plaza has become a benchmark in the hotel industry, providing support and security in the management of the organizations they operate.