Each of our 35 suites features a modern and contemporary design, blending style and comfort to make your stay an exceptional experience.


These 45 m² suites offer comfort and style. With one bedroom and they are ideal for one or two people. Their modern and contemporary design ensures a peaceful and pleasant stay, perfect for business trips, leisure, extended stays, or medical tourism. View Details


These 70 m² two-bedroom suites are the perfect choice for any traveler. They have an attractive view of the park and a contemporary design that blends comfort and sophistication. They were designed to provide a peaceful and enjoyable stay, ensuring both comfort and luxury. View Details


These spacious 70 m² two-bedroom suites are perfect for families or groups. They feature a modern design that combines comfort and sophistication. These suites are ideal for extended stays, medical tourism, business trips, or leisure, providing a luxurious and comfortable experience. View Details