Terms and conditions


  1. The Aparthotel will provide the GUEST with lodging services for a room and its amenities, subject to payment of the fees and prices in effect at the time of service, according to different The rate and plan are as indicated on the hotel registration card. The provision of these services is subject to availability and the schedules, shifts, or physical availability of the inputs, goods, facilities, or spaces required for it.
  2. The Aparthotel may, at any time, arrange for a change of apartment, which the GUEST must
  3. The Aparthotel has publicly displayed rates, service prices, and check-in/check-out times to which the GUEST is.
  4. The Aparthotel has the right to retain and place a lien on the luggage and property in the possession of the GUEST. These rights will be enforced in case of non-compliance with the GUEST’s obligations. In such cases, the Aparthotel may retain the mentioned luggage and property as collateral for a period of 30 days, counted from the date of non-compliance. After this period, the Aparthotel may freely dispose of the pledged objects and use the proceeds to cover outstanding obligations, including (20%) for costs and expenses. Any surplus, if applicable, will be made available to the GUEST, and in the case of a deficit, the creditor’s actions remain unaffected.
  1. If the Aparthotel is unable to fulfill an accepted reservation made at the front desk, especially if it has been prepaid or if the accommodation must be terminated prematurely for a specified period, the Aparthotel must secure accommodation for the GUEST in another establishment with a similar If the rate of the successor Aparthotel is lower, the Aparthotel will refund the difference to the GUEST, and if it is higher, the Aparthotel will cover the additional cost. The decision rests with the Aparthotel, but it will make every effort to minimize any rate differences.


  1. The GUEST acknowledges awareness of the rates, fees, and prices of the Aparthotel and agrees to their modification without prior
  2. The GUEST undertakes to pay the corresponding amount in cash at the time of the respective service provision and upon the termination of the GUEST’s stay at the The hotel day comprises a 24-hour period of the GUEST’s presence, starting from the specified commencement by the Aparthotel. Partial use of the hotel day incurs payment of the full rate.
  3. The GUEST shall be liable for their obligations and those of their companions, even for minor Any unregistered person using accommodation exclusively reserved for the GUEST must register and pay a 100% charge on the current fee.
  4. The GUEST must maintain decent behavior and dress appropriately. The Aparthotel will refrain from providing services when the GUEST’s behavior or attire is deemed The GUEST acknowledges that engaging in sports, physical exercises, piloting vessels or vehicles, using instruments or tools, or any activity involving risk implies that the GUEST possesses the skills and knowledge to assume such risk, along with responsibility in case of any damage or injury, explicitly waiving the Aparthotel from liability.
  1. The GUEST commits to using the furniture, equipment, and, in general, the facilities of the Aparthotel appropriately, preserving them in their current state. Consequently, the GUEST will be held responsible for any damage or loss of Aparthotel’s items and assets, even for minor In the event of total or partial loss or damage to the Aparthotel’s property attributable to the GUEST or their dependents, the GUEST will acknowledge the price set by the Aparthotel, plus an additional 50% as a penalty or fine.
  2. The GUEST acknowledges the authority of the Aparthotel Manager or their representative in case of disputes or conflicts, as well as the right of inspection or surveillance exercised by Aparthotel officials to ensure proper use of units, apartments, and common This right will be exercised reasonably and includes the power to enter or inspect the apartment when, in the opinion of the Aparthotel Manager or their representative, it is necessary. The GUEST, in turn, undertakes to observe the schedules and rules set by the Aparthotel for service provision and to facilitate access to their employees for routine tasks in the apartment.


The lodging contract concludes under the following circumstances:

  1. Upon expiration of the agreed fixed
  2. In case of a breach of any obligations by either The GUEST’s non-compliance does not exempt them from the payment of the full fee for the agreed-upon period.
  3. When the contract is established on a day-to-day basis, meaning when the Guest’s stay period is not explicitly stated on the hotel registration card, the contract concludes at the end of the specified hotel day according to the
  4. If the contract is for a specified term, it ends upon the expiration of that term, during which the Aparthotel may reclaim the apartment. In the event of the GUEST’s early termination, they must pay the fee for the entire term, unless there is a reasonable cause, at the discretion of the Aparthotel, justifying early Such reasons may include domestic calamity, illness of the GUEST or their accompanying group, issues with air travel availability, etc.


In the event of a disagreement between the GUEST and the Aparthotel regarding the termination of the contract, the Aparthotel, in addition to suspending the service, will take all necessary measures to ensure that the GUEST can access their luggage and personal belongings. The Aparthotel will then transfer them to a secure and suitable storage facility without assuming any responsibility.


The lodging contract is evidenced by the hotel registration card issued by the Aparthotel, acknowledged by the signature of the GUEST, which signifies their adherence to the stipulations contained herein. The GUEST expressly agrees that the specific sum of money stated in the invoice will carry executive merit.


To cover risks affecting both the person and the belongings of the GUEST, the Aparthotel has an insurance policy available. If the GUEST opts for the mentioned insurance, they must pay the daily premium set by the insurance company, which will be added to the accommodation fee. In any case, in the event of an incident, the Aparthotel’s liability is limited to the coverage provided by the insurance. If the GUEST chooses not to take this insurance, they assume all risks covered by the policy, and in the event of an incident, they waive any claims against the Aparthotel.


The Aparthotel does not provide a custodial service for personal belongings. The Aparthotel exercises due diligence and implements a security system concerning the items that the GUEST brings with them due to travel or professional reasons. However, it does not guarantee total or absolute security or liability for these items, whether in the room or any area of the Aparthotel (which are, moreover, generally accessible to the public). The responsibility for these items rests entirely with the GUEST. The Aparthotel is not accountable for jewelry, cameras, equipment, utensils, valuables, money, computers, and similar items. For this purpose, the GUEST has access to a safe in their room, which, in their discretion, should be used to safeguard valuable belongings.


The GUEST authorizes the Aparthotel to complete the blank spaces on the hotel registration card.


I hereby authorize anyone representing their rights or holding the future status of a creditor to report, process, request, and disclose to credit bureaus or any other entity managing or administering databases, all information regarding my commercial behavior. This includes the acknowledgment that the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of my obligations will be reflected in these databases, containing comprehensive data regarding my current and past behavior in the financial sector, and, in general, concerning the fulfillment of my obligations. I declare that I have carefully read the content of this clause, fully understood it, and, therefore, comprehended its scope and implications.

The establishment warns guests that the exploitation, pornography, and sexual tourism involving children, girls, and adolescents are criminally and civilly punishable in Colombia. This is in accordance with Law 679 of 2001 / 1336 of 2009, which issues a statute to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography, and sexual tourism with minors, in compliance with Article 44 of the Political Constitution of Colombia.

Guests are prohibited from trading species of fauna and flora prohibited by law (Law 017 of 1981), which approves the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, signed in Washington, D.C. on March 3, 1973.

Guests must refrain from smoking on the property premises (Law 1335 of 2009), which establishes provisions for the prevention of harm to the health of minors and the non-smoking population, and outlines public policies for the prevention of tobacco consumption and the abandonment of tobacco dependence by smokers and their derivatives in the Colombian population.


In compliance with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 on data protection, by registering your data in this form and representing minors registered herein, you authorize Hoteles Bogotá Plaza S.A. to incorporate them into their database for the purposes of associative, cultural, recreational, sports, and social activities, customer loyalty, publications, accounting, fiscal and administrative management, customer management, collection and payment management, billing management, historical records of commercial relationships, marketing, advertising, and commercial prospecting, as well as distance selling.

Furthermore, we inform you that, in the collection, storage, and use of your data, they will be treated in accordance with the current legal regulations governing the protection of personal data, ensuring the exercise of the rights of the data owner. You have the right to know, correct, update, delete, and/or revoke the authorization, which you can exercise by sending a written request to Hoteles Bogotá Plaza S.A. via email at mercadeo@bogotaplazahotel.com, indicating the right you wish to exercise, or by regular mail to 100th Street No. 18 A 30.